Persistance is Key

Persistance is Key

It was a spring evening and I was watching my best friend play softball when a girl on her team was injured.  It was a coed team and they had to have an even number of girls and guys or forfeit the game.  Unwillingly, I jumped in.  I am not the sporty type at all so when I hit the ball on my first try everyone went wild. 

In life, sometimes we score on our first attempt and those moments are exciting but also rare.  Typically, we don’t.  When it comes to developing a new skill it usually takes multiple tries until we get it right.  Whether it’s learning to ride a bike or get your driver’s license (yep, I had to take the test twice) things don’t necessarily work the first time but we don’t give up because we know if we persist we will eventually get it. 

In the Gospels, we see many examples of persistence.  In Luke 18, two of my favorite examples are listed: the persistent widow and the blind beggar.   

 The Persistent Widow

The story of the persistent widow is found in Luke 18:1-6. One of the reasons, Jesus says he shares this parable, is for those who hear it to be encouraged. The widow was so persistent in her request to an uncaring judge that even though this judge was evil he granted her request.  Jesus uses this illustration to show that if even an unjust judge will listen to a persistent plea, how much more God who is good and just?  God not only hears your requests he immediately moves on your behalf.  If something in your path seems immovable. right now, know that with God it is moveable. 

 The Blind Beggar

The blind beggar’s story is found in verses 35 to 43. Hearing a crowd passing by he discovers that Jesus is in his vicinity.  This man’s story touches me because he knew what he wanted from Jesus – he wanted to see.  The man cries out for Jesus but those around him tell him to be quiet.  That could have been the end of his story but because he knew what he wanted he refused to remain silent.  The Bible says, “he kept crying all the more.”  He wasn’t going to shut up and because of his persistent cries he received his healing.    

Have you given up too easily on something that isn’t working in your life?  Is there something you could see a breakthrough in, if you would be willing to persist just a little longer?  Don’t give up just yet. You might not hit the ball out of the park the first time around but with a little persistence someday you might just hit a home run. 


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