S2 Ep. 05 - Involving God in Entrepreneurship

S2 Ep. 05 - Involving God in Entrepreneurship

About this Episode

Hi! Welcome to the Creative Force podcast. In this episode, I speak with Edna Martinson, an edtech entrepreneur and co-founder of Boddle Learning, an educational app designed for kids. She shares her entrepreneurship journey and the role her faith plays in it.


My Takeaways

You can see your vision but that doesn’t mean others can see it.

You must believe in your vision first. When you believe in your vision it will instill confidence in others to believe in your vision.

Entrepreneurship has ups and downs. It’s important to have God as your anchor.

When problems arise, go to God first.

When life is busy make God a priority and schedule quiet time. Your business can’t be your whole life. You need a balance.

Dream bigger and take the limits off!

Don’t be afraid to be invited into certain rooms. Everyone is in the same boat.

Every good thing comes from God! Stay humble.

Value the relationships that are around you. See how you can support those relationships and grow with those people instead of idolizing those you feel are further along.

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