S2 Ep. 06 - Understanding Yourself with the Enneagram

S2 Ep. 06 - Understanding Yourself with the Enneagram

About this Episode

Hi! Welcome to the Creative Force podcast. In this episode, I speak with Beth McCord, a speaker, coach, and founder of Your Enneagram Coach. Beth shares about the Enneagram, a tool for personal growth, from a Biblical perspective and how it can help you be the healthiest version of yourself while also pursuing your dreams!


My Takeaways

The Enneagram (ennea = 9, gram = diagram) is a map for personal growth that identifies the 9 basic ways of relating to and perceiving the world. It accurately describes why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways based upon your Core Motivations.

4 Core Motivations: core fear, core desire, core weakness, and core longing

Your Core Longing is the message your heart longs to hear.

The enneagram acts like a rumble strip and shows you your healthiest path. Helps you to understand when you are healthy, average, and unhealthy.

Shame, self-condemnation, and fear are not a part of what the Holy Spirit offers.

The enneagram looks at the why behind what you do.


The 9 Types

Type 1 – Principled Reformer

Want to hear: You are good.

What Christ did – He is good on our behalf, and we are righteous because of Jesus.

Type 2 – Nurturing Supporter

Want to hear: You are loved.

What Christ did – He went to the cross because He unconditionally loves you.

Type 3 -   Admirable Achiever

Want to hear: You are loved for being you.

What Christ did – Accomplished everything for us.

Type 4 – Introspective Individualists

Want to hear: You are seen for who you are – special and unique. 

What Christ did – He made you and sees you who you are.  

Type 5 – Analytical Investigator

Want to hear: Your needs are not a problem.

What Christ did – He can take care of it all.

Type 6 – Faithful Guardians

Want to hear: You are safe & secure.

What Christ did – He offers peace & security.

Type 7 – Entertaining Optimist

Want to hear:  You will be taken care of.

What Christ did – Christ completely satisfies us and all of our needs.

Type 8 – Passionate Protector

Want to hear: You will not be betrayed.

What Christ did – Christ was betrayed, He understands and our relationship is secure in Him.

Type 9 – Peaceful Accommodator

Want to hear: Your presence matters.


What Christ did – Jesus died for you because you and your presence matter.

What you permit, you promote.

There are so many times you need to say no in order so you can yes to what is actually the main thing.   

Take Jesus example – is this something I am supposed to do?


What derails each type from pursuing their goals:  


1 - Everything has to be perfect or they can’t rest. How can you be present in the imperfect?


2 – Absorb people’s feelings – Have people in your life that you trust and can listen to and if they tell you not to do it listen so you can stay on track.


3 - Have to have a certain image – What has God called you to do despite if it is impressive to society?


4 – Their emotions can derail them – Can sometimes not pursue a goal because they feel something is wrong with them or they have nothing to offer. In reality, you have so much to offer.


5 – Need more information – trust you have enough to do the next thing, be bold and take the next step, more info will come.


6- Getting too much input from others – trust your inner guidance and the Holy Spirit to guide you.


7 – All the fun – what is cotton candy and what is substance? Be present in the moment.  


8 – Trying to protect themselves and getting what they want – be open and vulnerable.


9 – Accommodating others – come into agreement that God has good plans for you and then go develop yourself.



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