S2 Ep. 18 – Tackling Risks and SEO

S2 Ep. 18 – Tackling Risks and SEO

About this Episode

Hi! Welcome to the Creative Force podcast. This week I speak with brand photographer Kira Goff. She shares the story of how she got started and then took the leap to open her own photo studio and event space, Kindle. She also shares search engine optimization tips (SEO) to help you rank higher on Google.


My Takeaways  

In the beginning, say yes to a lot of opportunities! You will learn what you like and don’t like.

Do market research. Validate your idea by reaching out and surveying others. Get feedback.

You can’t ever grow without risks. If you aren’t risking something you are staying where you are.

If it’s not scary then it’s not going to be impactful in the end.

It’s not scary because we are incapable of making it happen. It’s just because it’s new and different.

You can always pivot based on what the market is telling you or because what you are doing currently doesn’t align anymore with the value you want to bring.

There is a lot of business that is lost because it is never followed up with or followed up with well.

If someone is hard to get in contact with it can impact your trust level with them.

Search Engine Optimization determines how you ranked on sites like Google and therefore controls how many potential clients you find online. It is a form of inbound marketing. The engagement with your brand is initiated by the consumer.

The two basic factors that Google’s algorithm looks at are relevancy and authority.

What Google prioritizes in ranking a page often starts with the title and the copy in the first few sentences.

If you provide a local service, you need to have that up front.

For blog posts you want to also include the location up front.

A lot of blogs are set up where the date comes first in the url structure. It’s unnecessary if you remove the date, it will also give your blog posts more longevity.

Google doesn’t know what it is looking at when it looks at an image so it is good to add descriptive text to it in the title of the image and the alt text.

Make sure the images you load up to your website platform are the correct dimensions so you don’t slow your load time.

Blogging can really improve your SEO. Create content also that you can reuse with your clients.

Backlinks are huge in SEO. It is great if another website gives you credit or mentions you.

Google listing is huge especially for local service-based companies. It’s so important to get reviews!



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